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True Story

I had the pleasure of giving a lecture at the “Israeli export institute”, about marketing and exporting for emerging designers.

Giving a lecture and standing in front of a crowed, not to mention qualified designers, can be very addictive I must say, as I enjoyed every minute of it.

The thing is that I’m usually not talking that much, especially not giving my true back stage story. I must admit I do not have this kind of success story as,” I started crochet my jewelry line and the rest was history” not that kind of story, more of I worked hard, and then I worked harder, and then I had to work more…kind of story:)

It’s one thing to get to learn about how the market work from time frames and sales people than to hear a true story about all the mistakes that you can make on the way that makes you grow and improve your work little by little every time.


So here’s a little about how I started:

when I graduated from Shenkar university , I work for Calvin Klein underwear , making Man’s underwear, funny as it sound, as a designer if you can make that 1 small item perfect, that has so little room for creativity with it’s 3 stitches and 2 buttons, and has to fit exactly in the right price for it’s market, if a designer can do that, they can do it all.

design field has the language, no matter what the product you are making, right look for the right costumer in the right price.

being used to presentation in New York and Lingerie exhibition in Paris, when I started to crochet my jewelry line I thought it will make perfect sense to go for the Jewelry exhibition in Paris. well traveling in Tel Aviv with a suitcase behind can get really hot, trust me on that.

So there I was with my husband and my baby boy in -5 degree in Paris. jewelry booth are quite small for a wheel carrier , just in case you are going to try that some day. renting furniture is a bit expensive, so I thought it will be easier to buy some from Ikea and build them on spot, the only thing is that as a tourist , once buying an Ikea big packages, next to the airport, next thing you need to do is to find a way to carry them into the city. no taxis around, we found a track, that was willing to drive us for ridiculous sum of 100 euros and only if I sit with the baby on the floor in the back cause they are not allowed to carry babies.

and this is how it looks like: