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For the past 3 month ,I was working on a new Memberit bracelet, Supersona: national and global social business organization dedicated to paving the way for a balanced presence of woman in influential and decision making positions in business world.

find out more here: https://www.supersonas.com/en/about/

The bracelet needed to be the secret sign for the club, Tattoo were not our favorite option, I suppose…

So one side is the M for the member, one side is W for woman, sterling silver elegant and gentle , yet firm from a precious metal, to preserve the atmosphere of the club.

The first opening night was amazing, with 4 lectures from different woman, each one of her with her special business idea that she wanted to contribute to the audience, the cinema hall was full, and all the tickets were sold out a week earlier…

this idea, this evening, the gathering , getting to know each other and help each other to promote woman in all business fields is very powerful, and I am very happy that I got the privilege of being a part of this wonderful group.

*Photograph by Michael Tessler






Magi Azar Founder and head of Memeberit club : https://www.supersonas.com/en/personas/magi-ezer/


Hana Rado: President and Founder: https://www.supersonas.com/en/personas/hana-rado/