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My jewelry roots

When I was 12 years old my grandmother taught me how to sew, she said “a girl with golden hands will never be left without bread on the table”,

My grandmother survive financially during world war 2 in Turkey by going up and down stairs with her sawing machine, she bought her own house in Israel from a client that she was making clothing for, promised her to make her clothing for free during the next year after the purchase.

When I was going over my grandmother personal photos and letters I discovered Jewelry invitations and catalogs, along with family invitations signed by the Adler family

What I didn’t know was that my grandmother was raised from the age of 10 by the jewelers Adler Austrian family in Turkey, if the story correct, they took her in to work in their house and wash the dishes and fell in love with the enthusiastic sweet girl.

At the end of the war they offered her to stay with them but she already knew how to sew, and wanted to save her sister from getting marry in Turkey, so she bought 2 tickets for the boat to Israel

I was 6 years old when I first sat on a sewing machine, the age of my older son and I could never imagine even how to make him sit on a machine long enough to make it work without breaking it down  . I always say that I did not get to choose my profession, it kind of choose me… But apparently my roots has some jewelry history too, combined with kindness and true love.