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Bezalel Art Academy exhibition

The commotion prior to the Bezalel Academy of Art Graduate Exhibition for the art, fashion and goldsmithing tracks was palpable. Some signs still had not been hung, and the printed materials were late because Bezalel insisted that all texts be available in Hebrew and Arabic. The large exhibition space housed incredible works by a small number of students, meaning that every piece could receive the attention due it. The excellence and vision of the works compensated for their relatively small number.

Noam Merom-Hoch: I cannot properly convey the sense of this project, which was composed of a personal journey and diagrams burned onto one fabric that was painstakingly glued onto a base fabric in a perfectly matched contrasting color. Pictures cannot do justice to the works and their incredible details; you can only clearly see the specific elements if you peer closely at them.


The official press tour continued to the principal departments. I quietly slipped off to where I feel most at home: to the laborious works in textiles, jewelry and fashion created by my future colleagues.

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