Inbar Shahak is a textile artist by profession, graduating from the Shenkar University of Fashion in Israel, where she majored in weaving, knitting & printing. specialized in contemporary art jewelry handmade in Textile methods materials and technique.After working in the garment industry for Calvin Klein, the urge to create handmade textiles art drove her to establish her own successful brand of textile jewelry. Inbar’s jewelry is inspired by delicate tracery patterns and her greatest passion is combining ancient textile-making traditions with new modern techniques. Inbar’s collections are all drawn by hand and printed over metal at her atelier in Kibbutz Maagan Michael. she loves to collaborate with fashion designers around the world, making bold and theatrical costume jewelry design made for Runway fashion projects and fashion shoot productions. “Inbar Shahak” Studio has been widely displayed in galleries, elite jewelry shops, and fashion designer shops and in exhibitions around the world such as Bijoux at the Norton art museum, Loot at the Mad Museum Boston Craft show and more.